2016 Fairfax Festival 13 – 15 September

What is 'Site Specific Storytelling?'

In 2016 we are giving all our young participants and leaders the chance to learn new skills from theatre companies, artists and musicians who specialise in community engagement, and working with young people to help them create their own stories through art. By collaborating with theatre companies and musicians, groups will learn how to tell their personal stories in new and exciting ways before coming together for a week of creativity, celebration and performance.  The Fairfax is specifically for young, geographically isolated people wanting to connect with others through their love of the arts.13click here to close
What does it involve?
We provide four sessions for your group during the months of June, July and August and will work closely with each group to find the best time to visit.These In-Community Development Sessions will be with your partnered theatre company/artist. These will allow time to study the company’s particular performance style and then work together to create one of your own.


We know time is valuable so all we ask is that groups meet in between these sessions to reinforce and evolve their piece before the next session.

In September when everyone heads to Swan Hill for the week, not only is there time to rehearse, but additional workshops with the other companies occur daily as well.

This means by the end of the week, our participants and leaders will have all the skills needed to return to their community and create work irrespective of their location, facilities or background.

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What will the groups be doing?
Our groups will be working with some of the best physical theatre practitioners in Australia to learn skills to help them create theatre in their home towns.  In the months leading up to the Fairfax week each group will be working with these innovative companies to create a 10 minute micro-performance piece, then during the Fairfax week itself they will have the opportunity to work with the other companies in daily workshops.

Our young participants will be able to learn the performance style and techniques of very different companies, as well as continuing to perfect their own performance piece through daily rehearsals with their partnered company.

Swan Hill Specialist School and Swan Hill College telling the story of drought through physical theatre.

Tuesday will see all participants meet one another and enjoy theatre games with our artists and then the first of the rehearsals starting. It will be a nice easy beginning to what will be a very busy week.

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Where do we live for the week?

Participants and their leaders live and eat at the beautiful holiday park on Pental Island, a 15min bus ride from our workshops spaces [we provide the bus to ferry you to and from here each day].

Pental ParkAccommodation for our young participants are in cabins ranging from 4 to 8 beds per room, we separate the boys and girls and try to ensure groups are kept together as much as possible.

For our leaders we have 2 room cabins with private kitchen and en suite, so while you share a cabin with a fellow leader, you have a private sanctuary into which you can escape at the end of the night.

Teachers Cabins

All workshops and rehearsals will be held within easy walking distance of the Swan Hill Town Hall PACC, we use every hall, theatre, meeting room, radio station around us to allow the theatre companies to work with our young participants and teach them what they need to create theatre at home.


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