Penelope’s Story

DSC_1124I was inspired by one particular group – Year 8s from Tooleybuc Central School.

Like many of the schools that attend the Fairfax, Tooleybuc had no drama program at the school. The teacher from Tooleybuc was actually the school’s Librarian – and an absolute go-getter.

The Tooleybuc group created a completely original work, all told in silhouette. They created a beautiful narrative, which was a morality tale. This school achieved something quite extraordinary.

I have seen plenty of pieces at Short & Sweet over the years that didn’t come close to this work.

The school is incredibly under resourced: the students and librarian came up with idea, and developed it, in a classroom using torches and bed sheets.

Absolutely fantastic and inspiring stuff.

Bravo to the Fairfax Festival for providing this opportunity to so many young people: the gift is bringing the under-resourced and nourishing them by providing a smorgasbord of theatre essentials, and for us artists to be reminded about the origins of creative inspiration.

Penelope was an Artist working with groups in 2011 and 2012.