Our Vision

To provide a world where young people from all locations, backgrounds and cultures are empowered to be active participants in and creators of art.

Fairfax Mission

To place isolated young people and the issues facing them at the heart of the creative process.  By connecting them with artists and like-minded peers our mission is to provide life changing experiences which  foster the growth of the arts in regional communities throughout Australia.

Fairfax Values
  • Accessibility to the arts for all young people irrespective of location, cultural background or abilities.
  • Expressing young people’s stories within an environment of creativity, respect and encouragement.
  • Collaborations between professional artists and young people to increase the presence of arts within regional communities.
  • Mentoring young people who wish to pursue a career in the arts
  • Creating an environment for young people to realise  their own potential as storytellers and theatre makers
  • Cultivating connections between arts communities which reduces the sense of isolation within young people and challenges beliefs and stereotypes.

Artistic Rationale

The Fairfax provides isolated young people living in regional areas of Australia with the opportunity to engage in arts experiences frequently unavailable to them.  The Fairfax believes that young people from the country should be given every opportunity to imagine, discover, share, create and belong. Through collaboration with professional artists and engagement in workshops, events and arts programs young people develop their skills in a variety of art forms and practices. The result is not only an annual presentation of new Australian theatre with a uniquely young Australian voice, but also an increase in creative thinking, self-worth, mental health, self-determination and confidence among young people from the country.