Gabbi’s Story

I love the Fairfax, particularly the amazing opportunity to work under such amazing professionals  it was a real privilege to be able to sit under them and learn from their experiences.

I also loved all the friends that I made which I would not have usually made.

My best experience however was that year I just directed.  Having 9 young students and being able to follow their journey from shy little junior school students right through to the gala performance night.  Watching them on stage, enjoying what they were doing, and being confident in the the piece they had created with each other was truly a fulfilling moment. – I’ll admit I cried.

So I guess for me that is what the Fairfax is about – finding my place and helping others find theirs.

I am currently taking a year off all things theatre related in order to focus on the next chapter of my life, however next year I am hoping to join a theatre company up here on the peninsula and perhaps even study drama teaching.

Gabbi was a participant from 2009 to 2012