Feather’s Story

This will be my forth Fairfax.

DSC_0154 (1)

Over the past four years the Fairfax has played an important role in my schooling life.  I have given  up numerous lunchtimes, become leader of the school drama club and organised fundraising for my group to attend.

When my group first started the Fairfax my school struggled to find enough students to make up even one group, a mere 14 participants made up our group that year.  The next year our drama club was able to enter two groups in the Fairfax each with 10 students and then last year we had over 50 kids interested in attending the event.

The Fairfax and the growing interest in students  has helped our school become more aware of the performing arts and the community.

I am so excited to be part of the Fairfax again and I can’t wait to make even more friends and further my knowledge of the performing arts.

Feather has been a participant from 2008 – 2013