Don’s Story

DSC_0135Day three of workshops; second Exploring Shakespeare group.

A young guy stumbles awkwardly through the lines he has been asked to read. When he doesn’t know a word he just says BLAH BLAH, and in the silence that attends his effort, there is tacit encouragement from 21 other teenagers.

No one jeers or cajoles, they smile and laugh with him. He is warmly thanked by the group for having a go. He makes light of it and the session is over.

Later his teacher informs me that he is almost illiterate and has very little support in his day to day life. Well he found it at Fairfax!

If it was only that one incident it would be worth it, but really it is only one of dozens of stories that keep us coming back to be part of this fabulous Fairfax.

Don has been a lead Artist since 2008.